This demo gives an overview of the Server And Network-Assisted DASH (SAND) metric reporting implementation of Fraunhofer FOKUS. It is based on dash.js and Fraunhofer FOKUS implementation of the SAND library and SAND server. After clicking on "Start playback" the dash.js client will fetch a DASH manifest file. The manifest file includes SAND specific information as defined in the following:

<Metrics metrics="BufferLevel,HttpList,RepSwitchList,PlayList"> <Reporting schemeIdUri="urn:mpeg:dash:sand:channel:http:2016" value="/metricManager/sandReporting" /> </Metrics>

During playback the SAND library will periodically send the target metric information (BufferLevel, HttpList, RepSwitchList, PlayList) to the SAND metric server (/metricManager/sandReporting). Information about the total requests and the last request are illustrated on the bottom of this demo page. On the server side, the metric values are stored in a database and can be used for tracking purposes or by a server-side adaptation algorithm.

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